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Our volunteer-run Mexican non profit organization Pro Paciente Diabetico Isla Mujeres A.C. has sponsored Diabetes Clinics for thirteen years on Isla Mujeres at various sites including the Red Cross, the community hospital and two different DIF facilities.

In November 2019, we sponsored two clinics in collaboration with DIF and served over 500 patients. The first one was on Isla Mujeres and the second one in the pueblo of Rancho Viejo on the mainland. Our annual 2020 clinic was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. In place of the clinic, we opened a year-round office mid island where a health care team has been providing diabetes education and nutritional counseling to individual patients either in person or by telehealth. We continue to distribute glucometers, test strips and lancets free of charge, along with reading glasses. In December 2022 we created a health fair at the Community Hospital where we tested patients, provided diabetes education and nutritional counseling and distributed meters, strips and lancets at no cost to all of our patients. We also distributed reading glasses to our patients as visual problems are a complication of diabetes.

We also distribute meters and strips to the community hospital in La Gloria, the Salud Publica, Cruz Roja both on Isla and Cancun, DIF programs and to the ambulances on Isla. We provide supplies and training to EMT and paramedics so that they are able to assess patients they pick up in emergency situations. We have also donated supplies to health professionals in training on the island. In the last eleven years we have treated over 2500 patients.


We are in great need of donations of lancets, strips and meters, specifically  Contour Next and One Touch brands. We also accept money donations and we will buy the needed test strips.

A $78 donation will buy 210 strips, enough for a year of one of our patients to manage their disease. Please consider a monthly donation or a one time contribution. and contact us if you can help.

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